Chunhui Medical

Sponsor One Child at the Chunhui China Care Home

Sponsor a medically fragile child to ensure vital care before, during, and after surgeries at RMB38,000.45% is for caregivers' Salaries, 27% is for subsidized surgery costs, 21% is for facilities & basic care, 4% is for non-surgical medical care, 2% is for pre/post op procedures, and 1% is for medicine & medical supplies.

¥38,000RMB per year

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Under the Chunhui Medical Program, our Chunhui China Care Home in Beijing provides individual treatment plans as well as loving around-the-clock pre-surgery and post-surgery care for medically fragile children from our partner Child Welfare Institutions all across China. In addition to the highly skilled care staff that includes senior nurses who are always on duty, each new little patient is assigned a Chunhui Mama whose loving arms and warm smiles provide support as she fights for her life in-hospital and while recuperating at the Home.