Maternal Love for Orphaned Children
Science-based Loving Care and Companionship
Operated by Chunhui Children in state-run welfare institutions, Chunhui Mama is a child care and education program designed for orphaned children aged 0-18. This comprehensive program adheres to the concept of Chunhui Children’s inclusive education, takes into account the developmental characteristics of children of different ages, integrates the content of rehabilitation and special education and designs individualized teaching content and methods, thus creating educational opportunities suitable for each child and promoting their comprehensive development. The program trains thousands of front-line Chunhui Mamas to provide responsive care for orphaned children, develop secure attachments with them and pay consistent attention to their needs. In doing so, the children can thrive in family-like love and care. Chunhui Mama is not only a name for one of our programs but also the title for the thousands of women working in our programs in welfare institutions. They serve two roles, as the children’s “mamas,” and as their teachers. There are six sub-programs in Chunhui Mama, including Chunhui Infant Nurture, Chunhui Preschool, Chunhui Youth, Chunhui Sports, Chunhui Family and Chunhui Training.
Caring women with appropriate professional backgrounds from the local community are recruited and trained to become full-time “Chunhui Mamas” who provide loving responsive care for orphaned babies and toddlers from birth to 3 years old and form secure attachments with them. “Chunhui Mamas” pay close attention to each child's needs, celebrate their progress no matter how minor, and provide timely, appropriate responses to their needs. They also provide vital brain stimulation, including a variety of age-appropriate games to promote their physical, language, cognitive and social-emotional development.
Chunhui Preschool serves children aged 3-7 in welfare institutions by providing supportive environments, individualized classes based on each child's developmental levels and interests, and professionally trains early education teachers who use the concept of responsive care in the curriculum. Chunhui Preschool is designed to promote children’s physical, language, cognitive, and social-emotional development, help them develop a love for learning, and prepare them for elementary or special education schools.
Trained loving mentors spend time with children and young adults aged 7-18 to learn about their needs and interests, give them necessary emotional support, and develop individualized learning plans for each of them based on their characteristics and interests. The plan may include academic tutoring, enrichment classes based on their interests or vocational training. The program helps children develop self-awareness and build confidence and self-esteem. Chunhui Children's goal is to help these children understand that they too can have big dreams and that we will support them as they pursue their dreams.
This program is for orphaned children in welfare institutions who have some sports skills but are precluded by their special physical needs from entering a local school. Teachers with special education training use adaptive physical education to build up the children's health, improve their self-care skills and enhance their physical fitness, while enabling them to enjoy the fun of sports by bringing them outdoors.
Families have always been the best way we have to raise our young children. The Chunhui Family Program recruits married couples from the local community who receive our professional training and then set up loving foster homes for children with special needs who for the first time have the opportunity to grow up with familial love. Each family includes a trained full-time mom and a working dad who take care of 3-5 children who are unlikely to be adopted. The families live in apartments provided by the welfare institutions.
To meet the pressing needs of welfare institutions for quality child care and to ultimately reach more orphaned children in need, Chunhui Children delivers both on-site and online training for institution administrators, caregivers, teachers and foster parents in children’s welfare institutions.