Spring exploration


Seasons come and go. 

Now comes spring again. The season denotes the revival of nature and everything in the world wakes up from winter. Not surprisingly this time of year inspires many Chunhui babies to capture the enchanting springtime scenes in their artworks.

Aware that their young children enjoy exploring, observing and learning through sensory experiences, the Chunhui mamas designed a “spring crafts” activity for them. 

The activity had two parts. The first was outdoor treasure hunt.

On a bright sunny day, the children went outdoors and lost themselves in the charm of spring. They closely observed the little buds, flowers and grasses that had just came out. They spent long hours exploring the wonders of nature and each time they hunted a "treasure", their face glowed with joy.

Their “treasures” included special tree leaves, fruit, snail shells and more, and they cherished each of them. For the children, the world is amazing and brim with wonders. Outdoor exploration enabled them to develop a sense of fulfilment and learn to share. It was also a splendid opportunity for them to develop their cognition and language skills when their Chunhui mamas listened to them patiently and responded to each of their discoveries in a timely manner.

Following the treasure hunt, the children and their Chunhui mamas went back to the classroom. Then they started the second part of the activity——artistic creation. 

The mamas encouraged the children to share their “treasures” and create crafts with them.

Alone or in groups, the children all had a great time experimenting with their leaves, petals, and branches…… For them, the spectacular spring would stay in their artworks and in their mind. 

This activity not only gave the children an opportunity for outdoor fun but also enhanced their observation, concent-ration, cognition, language and social skills.