The Happiest Mama | Your Smiles Are More Charming Than all Scenery in the World

Chunhui Children launched the online campaign “looking for the happiest mama” on Weibo, Wechat, Tiktok, Bilibili and Taobao platforms. You are invited to capture the happiest moments of your mama with your camera. 

We often say mamas are great and all-powerful, without realizing that they themselves could be worn out, helpless and lost to the overwhelming professional and personal responsibilities. So, stop labeling them as “super women” because this will deprive them of the power to love themselves and accept their imperfections.

Chunhui Mama Program has been operated for 23 years. In this program, each Chunhui mama nurtures 4-5 orphaned children. Their happiness, optimism and capacity for love motivate them to stay devoted to the children.

“We are neither great nor almighty. We just do everything we can to take care of the children. In them we see kindness and resilience. And from them we learn to be kind to ourselves,” said one of them.

Everyone should be aware of their own emotions. Dear mamas, please smile to yourselves and embrace happiness. If you are happy, those around you will be happy too.

In the eyes of orphaned children

Every Chunhui mama is happy

Happy Chunhui Mama

I want to whisper to my Chunhui mama

Xiao Bin


 “Mama, thanks for your hard work. I love you.” 

Happy Chunhui Mama② 

Beautiful smiles



“Thank you for staying by my side.” 

Happy Chunhui Mama③ 

I am the apple of your eye



“Mama, I see myself in your eyes.” 

Happy Chunhui Mama

Loving time together under the tree 

Xiao Rui


“Mama, let’s live such a happy life for always, shall we?” 

Happy Chunhui Mama⑤ 

The person I love



“Mama, I love you so much!” 

The happy mama in your eyes


Please share the following posters on your Wechat Moments so as to help us bring the loving care of Chunhui mamas to more orphaned children.