A Happy Children’s Day with Ambassador of Love Wan Qian

Children burst with exuberant innocence, a quality most needed by adults. How many of us have lost our vitality and aspirations to the trivialities of everyday life since we walked out of the ivory tower? How long has it been since you stopped dreaming and hoping for a great life? This June 1st, Chunhui Children’s ambassador of love, actress Wan Qian celebrated a sweet Children’s Day with the babies of Chunhui Care Home. Let’ take a look and regain the power of innocence from the purest words of the children: 

“You look so pretty, sis. Could we take a photo together?”

“Come here, sis. We have so many fun toys. Let’s play with them.”

“Sis, these cookies taste great. Shall we take them together?” 


To you who are

the most adorable persons of the world

JUNE· 2023

On May 29, Wan Qian arrived at Beijing CCH.

She said hello to everyone with big smiles and brought the children nice gifts: cookies and daily necessities. The celebrated actress has served as our ambassador of love for 6 years and the last time she visited CCH was on the Mid-autumn Day of 2020.

“Qian, Do you still remember Baomin, the little girl who had hearing impairment? She put on cochlear implant system in 2020 and received timely language training. She has been adopted. Her new family, friends and teachers all love her,” Secretary-general Liu Shan talked to Wan Qian about the Baomin’s changes over the past couple of years. The photos and video of Baomin brought tears to Qian’s eyes. 

In the genial afternoon, the children woke up from their nap. Seeing the amiable girl Qian, they all gathered around her and showed her their “treasures”:Colorful bracelets, family photos, full bags of snacks prepared by their Chunhui mamas. Invited by the children, Qian had a good “feed” on the snacks. 

“Babies, let’s make a cake with sis Qian!” At the words of their Chunhui mamas, the children ran into the activity room and took a seat. They combined flour, eggs, cooking oil and milk together in a bowl, mixed them, poured the mixture into paper cups, and put the cups into the preheated oven. 15 minutes later, flavorful cupcakes came into being. Then the children coated the cakes with cream or granulated sugar and shared them with Qian and their Chunhui mamas. 

Qian felt more than glad to see the children again and said emotionally later that day: “I am touched so much by these cute little babies once more. They are lively, cheerful and upbeat. Chunhui mamas must have given them very good care.”


To you who are

passionate about giving

JUNE· 2023

Childhood innocence is not distant or illusory, and as long as you want, it will be definitely within your reach!!

Do you want to celebrate a birthday party with Chunhui babies? Become one of their guardians. Let’s join hands and stand by the children together.