Ambassador of Love Wan Qian: We Will Always Be Together for Sure

On Jan 8, the 2023 annual Philanthropic Awards Ceremony co-hosted by China Philanthropist Magazine and Weibo kicked off in Beijing. Themed “Strive for the Greatest Kindness”, the ceremony takes “everyone gives to the needy” as its core value. It aims to celebrate individuals and organizations making positive and life-changing contribu-tions to society, push for wider participation in philanthropy and promote social governance innovation. 14 types of awards were presented to dozens of groups and individuals.

Chunhui Mama Program won “Prominent Program of the Year (2023)” Award and Chunhui Children’s ambassador of love, well-known actress Wan Qian won “A Positive Force for Philanthropy of the Year (2023)” award. 

Award for Chunhui Mama Program

Award for 

Wan Qian

Chunhui Mama is not only a program name but also the title for the thousands of women working with our programs in welfare institutions. They have been serving both as the children’s mamas and teachers in the past 23 years. Over all these years, with thousands of loving supporters by its side, Chunhui Mama Program has won a host of awards, including “China Charity Award”, the most prestigious charity award conferred by the government.

By the end of 2023,Chunhui Mama Program had covered 121 child welfare institution across all 31 provinces and municipalities of China, bringing motherly love to 200,000 or-phaned children. “I am so touched by the devotion of Chunhui mamas. It is them that give the children a sweet home. I believe we will always be together. Like fireflies, we’ll produce light and brighten the children’s life,” said Wan Qian at the awards ceremony.

The actress has been partnering with Chunhui Children since 2018. She cares a lot about the orphaned children. In the past five years, she donated to our programs, voiced for the children via Weibo or our livestreaming platforms, visited CCH and spent loving time with the children there. Now she knows Chunhui Mama and Chunhui Care Home programs like a book. At the awards ceremony, she read a story about Chunhui mamas that touched everyone present. Her long-standing commitment to Chunhui Children comes from her love for and trust in its childcare and education programs.

Thank you, our dear supporters, for your every effort in the past years. Please continue to stand by us and the children in 2024. 

As always, we need stay together,

To love the children and give them a home.

Because of you, we are not alone.