2023 National CWI Training and Exchanges in Hangzhou

On Nov 27, more than130 representatives fr-om 50 Child welfare institutions of 27 provin-ces, autonomous regions and municipalities gathered in Hangzhou CWI for three-day training and sharing. Chu Xiaoying, deputy director of the China Center for Children’s Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA), She Xinhe, deputy director of Zhejiang Civil Affairs Office, Zheng Yaozhi, a CPC lead of Hang-zhou Civil Affairs Administration, and Liu Shan, Secretary-general of Chunhui Children also attended the conference.

Under guidance of the CCCWA and Zhejiang Civil Affairs Office, Chunhui Children and Ha-ngzhou CWI co-hosted the conference which aimed to, through training, CWI directors’ for-um and program visits, promote sharing, cap-acity building and program progresses.

Chunhui Children’s senior trainers Yao Juan, Wang Li and Xie Wei talked about service systems for community at-risk children and rehabilitation & special education practices in child welfare institutions. The health care section director Ma Peijun and the rehabilitation section director Wang Min of Hangzhou CWI shared the curricula Doubling Down on Rehabilitation & Special Education Integration and Management of Childcare Quality. Wang Jiangping, the associate chief physician of the psychology department, Children’s Hospital affiliated with the Medicine School of Zhejiang University, introduced psychological counselling for community at-risk children. Du Yong, the honorary director of Ningxia CWI provided training on social work of child welfare institutions.

The hottest words of the conference were “foster care”. Chunhui Children talked about policies on foster care and reiterated its importance to orphaned children. As was shared by the CCCWA, social work needs to target vulnerable children and families and help them get the support they need to navigate tough circumstances. All the topics struck a chord with the trainees. 

Professionals, CWI directors and program leads spoke their mind freely and brain-stormed for plans to promote quality im-provement of child welfare services. Foll-owing the sharing, all the conference part-icipants visited Hangzhou CWI and its Chunhui Mama Program.

Tong Xiaojun, associate professor with Un-iversity of Chinese Academy of Social Scien-ces, and Deng Suo, lecturer with Sociology Department of Beijing University provided professional feedback on what was shared at the conference.

The conference concluded on Nov 29. Chunhui Children hopes such events will serve as a platform that helps the welfare institutions learn, share and explore solutions to intensify their delicacy management, improve their service and boost the children’s life quality.