Chunhui Children’s We-media Matrix

In this rapidly developing world, everyone has his/her own way of following breaking news and information. Maybe you prefer short and sharp Weibo posts, maybe you love the versatility of Xiaohongshu, or you are possibly a fan of the creative videos on TikTok.

But no matter which platform you choose, Chunhui Children looks forward to encoun-tering and joining hands with you, not for honor, not for applause, but for those orphaned and vulnerable children who need protection and help. Their smiles and their love for life will always drive us to forge ahead.

So, our dear supporters, please scan the following QR codes to join us in helping the children we serve.

WeChat subscriptions    

You can access Chunhui Children’s program updates, latest activities, and the most recent news on this platform.

Wechat Channels of videos    

If you want to learn about Chunhui Children, don’t hesitate to open Wechat channels for our short but rich-in-information videos featuring our philanthro-pic activities, loving stories of the children we serve, and exclusive interviews. These videos will enable you to understand Chunhui Children’s mission, vision, programs and concepts.


Chunhui Children shares its events, program site visits, and loving messages of its partner enter-tainment celebrities etc., on its Weibo account. Come and join your “idols” in voicing for our most vulnerable children.


On this platform, you can follow our creative videos tracking the heartwarming stories and treatment updates of children in the care of Chunhui Care Home. By the way, the child you care about the most is possibly one of them. Speaking of our profound love for Chunhui mamas and the children they nurture, each video is a testament to the impact of Chunhui Children’s programs.

Little Red Book    

On this platform, we post quality content on our philanthropic efforts, ideas, experiences, and tips, which will give you a clearer insight into philant-hropy and inspire your passion for giving. 


Our microfilms on Bilibili, each about 10 minutes long, tell the stories of some children we have helped in the past two more deca-des. While learning about Chunhui Children’s programs through these films, you will also have opportunities to meet and interact with the platform’s content uploaders online.


Chunhui Children shares its program exper-ience, core concepts, professional knowle-dge, and child stories on Zhihu, the largest question-and-answer (Q&A) content com-munity in China.


On this platform, you will hear poems recited by the children and stories told by Chunhui mamas or our ambassadors of love. These audios will bring you warmth and power while you are worn out from overwhelming routines.

Chunhui Children’s official website    

We invite you to visit our official website if you want complete understanding of our organizational stru-cture, core concepts, programs, and qualifications.

Now, switch on your smart phone and follow our we media channels. Together let’s bring love to every underprivileged child we could reach.