NEWS | Full FTI Marks (2023) Demonstrate Recognition of Chunhui Children’s Transparency

Chunhui Children gained 100 points (full marks) in the Foundation Transparency Index (FTI) 2023, which is powerful proof of its recognized transparency and credibility.

Steadfast commitment 

to transparency and credibility

As a foundation committed to serving orphaned and at-risk children, Chunhui Children has always strived for the highest level of transparency and credibility. In the past years, it made consistent efforts to improve its management, internal governance and information disclosure systems so that each penny of its donations would be put in the right place.

Basic information: after it was officially re-gistered, Chunhui Children perfected its charter and regulations to ensure that its organizational structure and governance mo-del are compliant and standardized. It also puts its latest information on its official website and other communications platforms in a timely manner to keep the public updated on its operations and program implement-ation.

Financial information: Chunhui Children has established a complete financial management system, and delivers financial and accounting procedures in line with national laws and its own Charter. Its financial statements are audited annually by a third-party auditor to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of its financial information. And it discloses financial information to the public through its official website and government-designated platforms. 

Management and program information: Chun-hui Children keeps strengthening its internal management and program implementation. It has set up a program management and evaluation system to ensure its programs run efficiently. It also provides training regularly to improve its staff’s professionalism.

Foundation Transparency 

Index (FTI)

Developed by China Foundation Center and the Research Center for Anti-corruption and Governance of Tsinghua University in 2012, FTI is so far the most prestigious and professional third-party transparency eva-luation program. It is a set of sub-indices devised to measure an organization's per-formance in disclosing basic, program and financial information on platforms designated by the government. A package of ranking lists are used to demonstrate charitable found-ations’ transparency scores on China Fou-ndation Center’s official website once a year. As of now, five versions of FTI have been applied. Chunhui Children scored full marks again in 2023.

Looking into the future

Chunhui Children will continue to take the children as its core and strive to bring a loving adult to each child it serves. To that end, it will step up efforts to fulfil its responsibilities as a charitable organization, improve its transparency and credibility, and invite more social support for the vulnerable children. 

Drawing on its solid professionalism and rich experience in childcare and education, Chunhui Children will build up its partnership with governments, businesses and other communities to increase its resources and reach out to more children in need. 

The 2023 full FTI marks will motivate Chunhui Children to go further and make greater contribution to child welfare. Let’s continue to join hands and touch every forgotten young life with love together.