10th Anniversary | “I Will Go Anywhere I Am Needed”


I have been working with Chunhui Children for some ten years. I like being called “Chunhui mama” and I am so proud that I have touched many many delicate young lives with tender love.

The Sweetest Memories

Early on, I received onboard trren, I was dumbfounded. The boy with cleft palate and a ball-like swelling stuck between his nostrils really scared me.

The First Encounter


But my affection for those little babies overcame my fear. I gently picked up the baby with clef palate into my arms and, under guidance of the trainers, learned how to feed him slowly with a specially designed spoon. After finishing his milk, the baby grinned at me. At that very moment, it struck me that he was so adorable. 


The first time I met Si Ni, the half-year-old baby girl impressed me with her little plump cheeks and bright eyes. She suffered from congenital heart disease and her skin was all blue. But she was such a sunshine girl that each time I talked to her in a playful manner, she giggled out loud. While nestling in my arms, the cute girl enjoyed pulling my hair or touching my face softly with her little hands. 


Learning that Si Ni was going to receive a heart surgery, I was gnawed by worry and fear. When that day finally came, I took her to the surgery room, my legs leaden and my heart pounding. The moment the medical staff took her over, my tears gushed out and I felt as if a knife was stabbing my heart. I crossed my fingers for her. The surgery seemed to take forever. When she was finally wheeled out of the intensive care unit, hot tears of excitement welled up in my eyes.



In all these years working with Chunhui Children, I have braved all challenges that came up and learned how to take care of children with a wide variety of special needs like hydrocephalus, hydronephrosis, meningocele, meningomyelocele, intestinal obstruction, esophagostenosis, anal atresia, esophageal atresia……

Whenever a child under my care received a surgery, I spent sleeps days and nights nursing him/her. Nothing brought me more happiness than seeing the child turn for the better and beam bright smiles.

If I learned that it would take me quite a long time to take care of a hospitalized child, I would pack up and travel, station after station, all the way to the hospital against all odds.


I still remember the days I spent looking after a boy in a Yichun hospital. The food there was so spicy for me that I had to soak it in the water to make it less spicy and more eatable. But that didn’t stop me from staying with the children and giving them nurturing care. They always say that where there is mama, there is home. But what I want to say is that where there are the children, there is my home. So long as they stay healthy and happy, I will count my blessings.

Over the past decade, like other Chunhui mamas, I’ve been to a good many hospitals across the country caring for children fighting for their lives. Looking forward, I will continue to fight with the children and go anywhere I am needed.