Ode to Loving Chunhui Mamas


I am a Chunhui mama —— Mama Xiaohui

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I have been working in the welfare institution for ten years.

If you ask me:

What motivates me to serve the children for so long?

I will tell you that

it’s all because of love.

In the past decade,

the greatest reward for me is that

I learned to love each child under my care,

and everyone around me.

Whenever I see

a child play alone on the roadside,

I will stop for him/her just because

I’m concerned about his/her safety.

I walk over to the child quietly,

and tell him/her to stay away from traffic risks.

My job as a Chunhui mama prompts me

to care for every child that might need help.

Each morning,

when I walk briskly into the institution,

and see those pure innocent faces,

I feel that the world is such a wonderful place.

The children teach me to be nice

and loving to everyone.  

They are my angels.

I give them a big hug,

and a gentle kiss every day.

I just can’t help loving them.

For a full decade,

I nurture the children with love,

and will continue to do so in the years ahead.


My ten years with Chunhui Children —— Mama Ling

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Ten years ago, I joined Chunhui Children.

How time flies.

I still remember my first day in the institution.

It seems as if everything just happened yesterday.

I stood among the children,

taking their delicate little hands. 

As time went by,

I’ve met tens of hundreds of tender lives.

For a decade, Chunhui Children stands by me,

giving me power and confidence.

I remember that

the first time I took the hands of a little boy,

he looked so defensive and withdrawn.

For quite a long time I couldn’t take the boy out of my mind.

And the first time

the boy felt my face with those very same hands,

the trust and love in his laughter

brought me tremendous joy.


when the children lie in my arms and

share their stories with me.

Their sunshine faces melt my heart

and brighten my days.

When they lean against my shoulder

and pour out their troubles,

their eyes well up with tears

that break my heart.

In the past ten years,

Chunhui Children has always been there for me.


we have touched vulnerable lives one after another. 

How I wish

all the children have an amazing childhood,

grow up healthy

and happy

under our loving care.


Chunhui Children and me——Mama Hongling

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Ten years ago,

I joined Chunhui Children.

In the past decade,

Chunhui Children and I

grew together.  

For a Chunhui mama like me,

the past ten years with the children

were flooded with happiness.

Of course, there were days when I felt lost……

From time to time, I asked myself:

How could I love these children?

Then Chunhui Children came to my help

and showed me how.

It lightened up my way forward,

provided me with professional knowledge and skills

that helped me develop a close bond with the children.

The past decade

was not easy.

We shed tears and sweat

and went through an ordinary but worthwhile journey.

Let’s all believe that in this world,

love will never fail to work wonders. 

Ten years are both long

and short.

We were fortunate to meet each other

and spend thousands of loving days together.

Hope in the next ten years,

I will continue to work with Chunhui Children,

loving and enabling

every child we serve.